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Premium Organic Single Gulal

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What's Holi without colours? Advait Living's Organic Gulals are 100% Natural and made of edible flowers and vegetables, ensuring a celebration that's safe for you, your children, and the Earth.
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Color: Blush Pink
Size: 100g

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Premium Organic Single Gulal
Premium Organic Single Gulal
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In India, organic gulals have been made by sun-drying seasonal flowers and vegetables to get beautiful and soft colours to paint each other with on Holi! At Advait Living (Farms), we follow the same tradition. Fresh and seasonal ingredients are sourced from sustainable micro-farmers. The ingredients are all sun-dried over days and ground manually. To make them gentler to use, we use arrowroot starch as our base. Extracts of fresh ingredients are also used to add more hues to the arrowroot base. Drops of essential oils are added in the end to the mixture. Once the mixture is 100% dried, we pack them carefully in sustainable packaging for you.
Rose petals, beetroot and rose water. Our base is arrowroot starch and wheat flour. No synthetic dyes are added to our colours, which is why they are pastel in hues and feel soft on your skin.

Embrace the spirit of Holi with vibrant hues from Advait Living Premium Organic Holi Gulals! Using these colors is a joyful experience. Start by opening the carefully crafted box to reveal the Blush Pink, Bright Yellow, Sky Blue, and Tangy Orange Gulals. Here's a guide to ensure a colorful and enjoyable celebration: Preparation: Wear old clothes that you don't mind staining, and apply a layer of coconut oil or moisturizer on your skin for easy color removal later. Application: Take a small amount of the organic gulal in your palm and gently apply it on others' faces. Aim for the forehead, cheeks, and even a light sprinkle on the hair for a festive touch. Playful Moments: Engage in the colorful revelry – dance, sing, and play with the organic hues. Remember, less is more; the colors are vibrant and create a beautiful, pastel effect. Cleanup: After the festivities, use homemade cleanser with besan (gram flour) or our gentle ubtan bath powder to remove the colors from your skin. Rinse your hair with water before shampooing. Environmentally Friendly: Our colors are compostable, so feel free to celebrate outdoors. Sweep or wash off excess color from surfaces to return the environment to its natural state.Enjoy a vibrant, eco-friendly Holi with Advait Living's Premium Organic Gulals!

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