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Organic Woodpressed Safflower Oil

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Arista Organic's wood pressed Safflower oil will deliver a rich flavour and aroma which is nutrient rich and naturally delicious. Feel the richness in taste.
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Organic Woodpressed Safflower Oil
Organic Woodpressed Safflower Oil
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Arista Organics ensures quality wood pressed oils by employing traditional methods of oil extraction using ancient cold-pressing technology. Safflower seeds are hand-picked and sundried before being crushed into KachiGhani. This extracted oil is stored in sun for next 2 days for the sediments to be settled. Safflower oil is used for centuriesfor its vital nutrients, acids and fats. Power packed with nutrients, this oil enhances immunity system, digestive system and helps in speedy hair growth.

100% Sundried and Handpicked Safflower Seeds

Energy 900 Kcal for approx composition of 100g Carbohydrates Nil Cholestrol Nil Saturated Fatty Acids 8g/100g Mono Saturated Fatty Acids 14.6g/100g Total Fats 99.9g EXCELLENT SOURCE OF NUTRIENTS: Safflower oil contains more Vitamin E than any other vegetable oil. This oil is naturally extracted from safflower seeds that gives you a rich and flavourful taste. Ideal for daily cooking that gives good source of energy. BENEFITS FOR SKIN: Good for your skin which acts as a antioxidants. They help in getting rid of acne and pores. It acts as a natural moisturizer for your skin.

The neutral flavor of safflower oil isn't the only thing it has going for it Arista's wood pressed Safflower Oil. This oil's smoke point-otherwise known as the temperature at which it begins to break down-is a super-high 510 degrees which is a perfect fit for Indian kitchens. Making twice-fried French fries? Safflower oil is perfect. It's versatile because it can be used for salad dressing - as it's mildness makes it a great base, especially if you're adding intensely flavored ingredients such as Dijon mustard or citrus juice, as well as herbs and spices, such as cilantro, cumin, or oregano.

Our Wood Pressed Safflower Oil is best stored in a cool and dry place with the lid tightly closed. We use our high-quality glass bottles for longer shelf life, to preserve quality and taste and as a safer, non-toxic alternative to plastic.

9 months from the date of packaging

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