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Organic Wood Pressed White Sesame Oil

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Arista's Organic Woodpressed White Sesame Oil is extracted in Wooden Ghani by using ancient cold-pressed technology. This traditional method prevents any heat generation in the process and helps in keeping all nutrient contents intact to the oil. White Sesame seeds are hand-picked and sundried before being crushed into KachiGhani. This extracted oil is stored in sun for next 2 days for the sediments to be settled. 
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Organic Wood Pressed White Sesame Oil
Organic Wood Pressed White Sesame Oil
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Arista's Organic Woodpressed White Sesame Oil is rich with anti-Oxidants and anti-Inflammatory properties as it aids in keeping your heart&liver healthy. Because of all of it's high nutritional benefits its oil is also the “Queen of Oilseeds". Sesame oil has been a part of the Asian cuisine from times immemorial and has been celebrated for it's high health quotient and now medical studies have revealed that adults who consume 4 tablespoons of sesame oil daily had greater reduction in LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides. Sesame oil may support healthy blood sugar regulation, which is especially important for people with diabetes.

100% wood pressed white sesame oil

Energy 899.37Kcal per 100g Saturated Fatty Acid 99.3g Cholestrol 0mg Sodium 0mg Arista's Woodpressed Sesame oil is Power-packed with Vitamin K and magnesium and this oil helps in maintaining blood pressure and improves blood circulation. Also, another great health benefit is that White Sesame oil comes with high amount of fibre which is good for smooth digestion, overcoming weakness. Sesame oil has a smoke point of about 410 °F (210 °C), so it can get pretty hot without burning making it an ideal fit for Indian cooking.

Cooking Sesame oil adds a delicious and nutty flavor to a wide variety of dishes and is a popular ingredient in Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Hair Care Sesame oil can be combined with other things, such as almond oil or aloe vera gel, and this mixture can be applied to scalp and the length of the hair to avoid frizz and dandruff and make hair shiny. Drink a little bit of white sesame oil each day for health benefits. Mix 1 tablespoon (15 mL) into a glass of water, then drink it. Do this up to twice a day. It’s a simple way to get the nutrients from sesame oil even when you don’t have time to cook with it. It is thought to help with mild constipation, among other problems. Skin Care Sesame oil is said to soften acne scars. Exfoliate first to remove dry skin cells, then dab the oil on with a cotton ball.

Our Wood Pressed White Sesame Oil is best stored in a cool and dry place with the lid tightly closed. We use our high-quality glass bottles for longer shelf life, to preserve quality and taste and as a safer, non-toxic alternative to plastic.

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