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Little Millet Noodles

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Little Millet is one of the Oldest Cultivated Millets. Millets are Climate-Resilient. Gift from Mother Nature. Staple Food of Marginal Farmers. Sourced from Small Farmers practicing Natural Farming. Harvested, Manually Cleaned, Quality Monitored by Women Small Scale Farmers.
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Little Millet Noodles
Little Millet Noodles
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Little Millet is Traditional and an Adivasi Heirloom Seed. Grown by Small Farmers in Natural Farming. Gluten free. Rich in Protein, Dietary Fiber.

90% Little Millet, 10% Khapli Wheat, Spice Mix (Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Pepper Powder, Rock Salt, Garam Masala).

1. Cook Noodles in Boiling Water till done. 2. Cook in Spice mix for 2 more mins. 3. Add boiled vegetables and additional spices and stir for 2 mins (to taste). 4. Transfer, Garnish, Serve.

Once packet is opened, store in glass jar or air tight plastic jar. Consume quickly or Refrigerate. Residue-free produce catches weevils easily. Composting produce is the best option if spoiled.

6 months from the date of packaging

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