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Instant Oats Dosa Pre Mix with Chutney

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Made from just fresh grains and spices, our highly nutritious Dosa mix is a boost to your health and taste buds alike!
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Instant Oats Dosa Pre Mix with Chutney
Instant Oats Dosa Pre Mix with Chutney
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Our ready to cook instant dosa is made using natural ingredients with no added preservatives or colors, just grains, spice and everything nice. Our patented science helps us make all our products gluten-free without losing any of its stickiness. This makes our Dosas equal parts of crispy and healthy! We believe that all good nutrition can happen without causing harm to animals. And to that end, we consciously chose our ingredients to be plant-based and completely cruelty free. The bonus is the free instant chutney premix with your chilla mix!

Oats Dosa Premix: Rice, Gram, Quinoa and Salt Chutney Premix: Gram, coconut powder, salt, green chilli powder, curry leaves powder, cumin powder, ginger powder and asafoetida

Amounts per Serving: 148 Kcal per 100g of final chilla Total Carbohydrate 29g /100g Protein 6g/100g Calcium 17mg/100g Iron 0.5mg/100g Potassium 143mg / 100g Sodium 603mg/100g Copper 0.1mg/100g Manganese 0.4mg/100g

Preparation of Chilla Step 1: Pour the mixture into a bowl Step 2: Add warm water and remove all lumps Step 3: Spread the mix on a hot tava & enjoy! Chutney Preparation: Add water to Chutney premix, as per your liking.

Below 21 degrees C or refrigerate. Once pack is opened, transfer the chilla premix and chutney premix contents to refrigerate in air tight containers.

12 months from the date of manufacturing

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