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It is said that humans could live on Figs alone as a source of food because of the goodness and nutrition in the fruit. Figs are a rich source of calcium, iron, magnesium, Vitamin B6, and potassium. Figs are low in fat and high in fibre, they provide more fibre than any other common fruit or vegetable.
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Figs have many health benefits. Fresh and dry figs are high in pectin, a soluble fibre that can reduce blood cholesterol. This rich fruit is also believed to have a laxative effect and can aid those who suffer from chronic constipation. Insomnia - Figs contain a nutrient called tryptophan. This promotes good sleep and helps the brain use glucose properly, encouraging and stimulating good circulation. Memory loss - Figs contain a lot of natural sugar - up to 60%. Sugar stimulates the brain so we can think faster and recall information more quickly. So that you can think more clearly and faster. Figs are the ultimate brain fuel! Fatigue - Fresh Figs contain up to 80% of water, as well as being one of the fruits with the highest levels of natural sugars. So they are a brilliant source of energy and stimulant for the brain. Making you more alert, responsive, fresh, as well as detoxing the self. Skin - Due to Fig's high water content, they are ideal for improving the skin. The skin requires a good level of water. This will clear the skin, act as a cleanser, improve acne, oil, and general well-being. Constipation - Figs are a natural laxative. So they can aid those suffering from constipation. They have a high level of fibre. Weight Control - Dried Figs contain about five grams of fibre. The soluble fibre contained in Figs can help people cut down on snacking because it causes nutrients to be absorbed more slowly, making people feel more satisfied after a meal. However, it should be remembered that Figs are high in calories.

100% Organic Anjeer

Promotes Heart Health - Due to Fig's high level of natural sugars, they are an excellent way to replace the bleached (white) sugars with a more healthy alternative. They contain natural fructose and glucose sugar. A high fibre diet is one of the best ways to improve cholesterol levels, and as a result, aid oneself against heart-related diseases. The nutrient 'tryptophan' contained in Figs encourages good circulation, allowing blood to flow more easily around the body. Figs contain the ingredient Pectin (and soluble Fibre) which is known for its cholesterol-lowering effects. Thus, Figs are beneficial for those of Old age, those suffering from High Blood-pressure, Diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and other such related illnesses.

Calcium - Figs are a rich source of calcium. This is beneficial for those who are lactose intolerant (or even those who chose to be Vegans!). Five figs provide about 250 mg of the daily recommended level of calcium.

Blood Pressure - Figs are beneficial for those with heart-related diseases. Lowering cholesterol, they are advantageous for those with high blood pressure. Figs are a particularly good source of Potassium. Potassium is a mineral crucial to the control of blood pressure. People who eat potassium-rich foods tend to have lower blood pressure and, subsequently, have less risk of related conditions such as strokes.

Anaemia - Figs contain Iron which enriches the blood, and helps to produce it. Thus, they are ideal for women, girls and those suffering from Anemia (lack of Iron).

Digestion - Five figs provide more than 20 per cent of the daily recommended allowance of fibre. Hence, they are excellent in aiding digestion and improving the condition of the stomach and bowels.

Bones - Figs, with their high level of calcium are ideal for young growing children and for the development of bones. They are also invaluable for those suffering from Osteoporosis and brittle bones.

Eat it Directly : One can eat it directly as it is, this is the simplest way of eating dried figs. Just chew it and swallow.

Fig Salad: For all the vegetarians in the house that love their salad, you can add figs to make it more delicious and a fiber-rich salad.Eaten with cereal
Add it to Cereal: Can be added to your cereal to add more nutrients to your breakfast.

Store at Room Temperature in an air tight container

12 months from the date of packaging

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