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Dosa Mix

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What could be better than authentic homemade dosas? Our Organic Plain Dosa Mix is a combination of nutritious lentils, flours, and delicious aromatic species that will certainly satiate your taste buds.
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Size: 250g

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Dosa Mix
Dosa Mix
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To relish a full meal, serve it with a simple aloo sabzi, sambar, and some coconut chutney. Whether you’re hosting guests or just feel like cooking yourself a simple meal, Organic Plain Dosa Mix is perfect for any occasion.

Rice flour, Urad dal powder, Arhar dal powder, Besan, Methi dana powder, Lemon powder, Himalayan Pink salt, Baking soda

1 Cup dosa mix powder, 1.5 cup water, Mix well and let stand for 5 minutes. Heat a non stick pan and spread the mixture evenly. Add half tablespoon of oil when the mixture appears half cooked. Cook on low heat on both sides and your dosa is ready

Seal the packet after using it or store it in a air tight box in cool and dry place

3 months

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