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- Induces good sleep - Increases focus and cognition - Strengthens brain muscle health - Boosts memory - Manage stress - Reduces anxiety and depression
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Madhya Earth Buddhiful is a unique Ayurvedic mix of the best ingredients known in ancient literature for boosting memory, enhancing cognition, and maintaining optimal brain health. It is made with a careful selection of herbs of the highest purity and is best suited for people of all ages. It helps in focus, cognition, memory, sleep, stress, anxiety and depression.

Tulsi powder, Shankhpushpi powder, Ashwagandha powder, Brahmi powder, Haldi Powder, Sarpgandha powder, Jatamansi powder, Akarkara powder, Jaiphal powder, Black pepper Powder, Trikatupowder, Elaichi powder

Heat a cup of milk. Add half a teaspoon of Madhya Earth Buddhiful powder and bring it to boil. Strain this mixture and consume hot or warm. Vegan milk replacements or water can be used instead of milk.

Store in a cool and dry place.

36 Months

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