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Amrit – Face Serum Mist- Hyaluronic & Probiotics

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A blend of A BLEND OF Vegan Probiotic Botanicals – Beetroot, Radish & Carrot Ferment. An ultra-fine facial serum mist that works to awaken and energise skin; perfect for early mornings, post-workouts, a long day out in the city, before sleep and long-haul flights. The antioxidant and skin biome friendly ingredients-rich spritz delivers a lightweight, refreshing veil onto skin that hydrates, relieves and cools. After use, the complexion feels wide awake, moisturised and invigorated.
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Size: 50ml

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Amrit – Face Serum Mist- Hyaluronic & Probiotics
Amrit – Face Serum Mist- Hyaluronic & Probiotics
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Great for Acne Prone Skin - Active Acne, Acne Pits and Acne Scars To fight early signs of ageing Dark Spots & Uneven Skin Texture/Complexion Clogged Pores Benefits Reduces the appearance of pores by removing oil build-up Maintains The Skin Biome & helps maintain skin pH level Hyaluronic Acid provides an intense moisture boost For a firm and youthful complexion. Healthy glowy skin Improves Elasticity of the skin Stimulates Healthy Skin Cell Regeneration Improves Skin's Resistance to Free Radicals Replenishes the skin's Hydration Level Suitable For Normal/Combination Skin Dry Skin Extremely Dry Skin Sensitive Skin For Redness For People who Stay out in the Sun for more than 2 Hours For Gym Goers, Athletes & Swimmers

Ingredients Your Skin will Love : Beetroot Ferment Bamboo Water Hyaluronic Vitamin B3

Sequence of Application: Step 1: Face Wash
Step 3: Face Creme/Gel Moisturiser

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