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A2 Ghee

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A2 Gir Cow Cultured Desi Ghee is made using fresh Gir cow milk. The milk is brought to a boil and naturally cooled down to room temperature and inoculated with a natural starter culture and left overnight to make yoghurt. The yoghurt is churned during pre-dawn hours (4 am - 6 am) to separate raw white butter using the ancient process of 'Bilona' - clockwise-anticlockwise slow churning.
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A2 Ghee
A2 Ghee
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Handmade in small batches - Cultured A2 Ghee, this is not 'direct-cream ghee', but Ghee made using natural A2 yoghurt. The Cows are free-grazed and pasture raised on our certified organic farms - Two Brothers Organic Farms is certified by ECOCERT. The Cows are free-grazed and pasture raised on our certified organic farms. Our main objective of rearing these Gir cows is for their manure for organic farming, they form a part of a larger eco- system of ORGANIC FARMING at our farm. WE LOVE WHAT WE DO - Mentioned in the “Mann ki Baat” by the PMO, adjudged as “Atmanirbhar Champions” by the Central Govt, Also received the “Best Farmers” award by the Govt of Maharashtra.This is A2 Gir cow ghee and different from the regular market industrial dairy ghee that is made from cream. This is made from whole curds.

A2 Cow Milk

Energy 898 Kcal Cholestrol 142.97mg/100g Protein 0.10g/100g Fat 99.83g/100g Iron 0.06mg/100g Potassium 0.19mg/100g Sodium 0.33mg/100g Vitamin D 0.05mg/100g

Use ghee in your daily cooking or as a topping on a food

Store in a cool dry place and use at room temperature

12 months from the date of manufacturing

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