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Our Lab Tested premium organic holi colours are hand made traditionally with flowers and vegetables to get gentle colours that are 100% safe for you, your children and the earth! These are soft to touch and easy to apply. They come in beautiful pastel shades that are sure to make the day brighter and joyful.

What are our holi colours made of? Our holi gulals are made with 100% edible agricultural produce, flowers & vegetables only.

Blush Pink: Our soft pink gulal is made from rose petals, beetroot and fragrance of rose.
Bright Yellow: Our bright yellow gulal is made from marigold flowers & turmeric & essential oils.
Sky Blue: Our sky blue gulal is made from orchid flowers, and natural indigo & essential oils.
Tangy Orange: Our tangy orange gulal is made from tesu flower, marigold, raw turmeric, beetroot and essential oils.
Our base is maize starch and wheat flour.

Why are our gulals pastel? Because we don’t use any synthetic dyes to make them. Synthetic dyes or pigments are commonly used to get bright or shiny colours and textures.