Bajra, or the pearl millet, came to India from Africa in about 2000 BC, and has been a major part of our diet since then. It is a staple in most Indian households and is also known as, kambu in Tamil, sajjalu in Telugu, and bajri in Gujarati. Also called Pearl Millet, bajra serves as a staple for a majority of the Indian population.

All Natural

Bajra Flour at Girveda is 100% naturally grown using Cow Based Natural Farming, or CBNF
Every one of our partner farmers uses organic manures and pesticides. In CBNF they are known as Jivamrita, and are prepared from traditional recipes using cow dung, cow urine, straw and other dairy waste
This is supplemented with seed protecting Bijamrita, and soil protecting Achhadana, and Whapasa techniques, using cow based products, thus ensuring a closed natural loop
CBNF embraces a zero-budget farming philosophy

Know Your Farmer

Our partner farmers are carefully selected based on their soil health and adherence to the edicts of Cow Based Natural Farming (CBNF)
We pay all our farmer partners fairly and procure the produce from their doorstep
We educate and support every farmer associated with us in shifting to CBNF
We help the farmers install machinery in terms of grain sorting, bulk packaging and flour making on their farm itself, helping them add value to their produce, and thus receive a better price for it
The complete process is carefully monitored by Girveda, and we provide you a batch-wise product tracing facility on our website


500g, 1kg