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Horsegram Flour or Kuleeth Peeth is a superfood distinguished for myriad health benefits. It is loaded with antioxidants and is high in protein, iron, calcium and zinc. It counters malnutrition, is energy inducing, and improves immunity and memory. The earthy, nutty taste makes it a favourite with homemakers in Konkan who use it in Pithle or gram flour curry. Replace regular flour with it to make nutritious parathas or pancakes.


A staple in every Chitpawan Brahmin home, Horsegram Flour also gets the tag of the poor man’s superfood for its stellar nutritional content and popularity across rural India. In Konkan, vegetarians turn to legumes and pulses for their protein intake. They sprout kuleeth to make usal (stir-fried horsegram), use the whole gram for saar (soup) and hand-roll the flour into shengole (pasta in broth).

About The Seller

A collective of ten entrepreneurial female farmers, Kranti churns out handmade flour and spices and other seasonal delights native to Sindhudurg. Led by Sakshi Satyavan Soye, who acts as a link between the collective and government representatives who help them with micro-financing, they source all ingredients locally whilst paying special attention to hygiene and quality. Most of the women are only seasonal rice and turmeric farmers and thus depend on the self-help group’s earnings for sustenance through the rest of the year. Kranti’s Malvani Masala, patiently slow-roasted and ground, is a balanced mix of over 20 ingredients offering unparalleled authentic taste, their Kuleeth Peeth retains all its natural nutrients because it is hand pound and their Aam Ras, made using locally-grown GI-tagged Devgad Alphonso mangoes, is the picture of taste and quality. The hard work, patience and perseverance shown by the women of Kranti adds its own flavour to the food they produce and is a salutary lesson to all of us of the resolve it takes to be an agriculturist.

Net Weight 500g


500 ml, 1L