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The magic of tasty maharashtrian thalipeeth lies in the quality of its bhajani or roasted multigrain flour mix. Our ready Thalipeeth Bhajani saves you the laborious roasting of each grain separately before grinding. Add chopped onion, coriander and spice tempering for a nutritious breakfast snackthat’s Maharashtra’s answer to Uttapam and Chilla.


One of Maharashtra’s most loved breakfast and evening maharashtrian snacks, the Thalipeeth recipe is different in every home. Some families add grated veggies or greens of choice. What’s common is the bhajani or of multigrain flour. But a good bhajani stands out by roasting the grains to the right temperature. The same mix can also make Kothimbir Vadi (besan and coriander cakes) and Alu Vadi (rolled gram flour-lined colacassia leaves).

About The Seller

Calling Suvarna Sandip Warde a one-woman-army is by no means a stretch. Along with her family, she relocated to the quaint village of Revaj from Mumbai in 1998. The village didn’t have many commercial establishments and residents had to rely on Alibag for the most basic of requirements. Against the advice of everyone, she started selling chapati and bhaaji and within one year grew it into a business of selling spice mixes. Today, the dynamic entrepreneur runs Kasthuri, an all-women-staffed restaurant and SHG in Alibag and dabbles in a variety of activities, from vegetable farming to experimenting with all-natural products. Suvarna has a limitless vision to grow and see others around her grow; a big part of her day is spent motivating the all-women workforce to upskill. Her attention to detail comes in handy when preparing her slow-roasted and meticulously ground flours. In her 15 years of work, she has striven to build a sense of community in the truest sense with the result that her employees are well taken care of, including getting their salaries paid in full throughout the lockdown.

Net Weight 500g