Why Organic Food is Better: Top Reasons

Why Organic Food is Better: Top Reasons


Organic food became a mainstream phenomenon during the early 2000s, as consumers began to see a link between diet, health, and the environment. And since then, there has been no looking back. The global organic foods and beverages industry is valued at a whopping USD 188.35 billion in 2021, and is expected to grow at a compound rate of 13 percent from 2022 to 2030. Such magnanimous numbers are an apt testament to the current relevance and future scope of organic foods.

Why Is It Better to Eat Organic Food?

People are fast becoming aware about the detriments of pollutants, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and other externalities on health. In such a grim context, organic products emerge as a beacon of producing, offering individuals with a trajectory to consume fresher and cleaner foods.

  1. Organic Food Have Minimal Concentration of Pesticides
    The first reason why organic food is better than conventionally-grown edibles is because the former reduces the proportion of persistent pesticides in your diet. The excessive usage of pesticides can be potentially toxic to human beings. According to the World Health Organization, pesticide may induce health detriments, including cancer, damage to nervous systems, reproductive problems, and more.
    The use of insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers is strictly monitored in organic production, and most of the pesticides used by farmers are derived from natural substances. Thus, by consuming organic food, you dodge the long-term harms of excessive exposure to fertilizers and pesticides in your diet.

  2. Organic Food is More Humane and Ethical
    The second reason why organic food is better than the conventional counterpart is because of the promotion of a more humane treatment toward animals. The meat and poultry that comes from organic farms is free from hormones and antibiotics.
    Consuming meat with hormone residues might culminate in worrisome situations, such as development problems, reproductive problems, disruption in the human hormone balance, and more. Thus, by ensuring that the meat you eat is free of hormones, the concern about long-term consequences of GM foods is eradicated.

  3. Organic Food is Free of Additives and Preservatives
    Last but not least, organic food is superior to conventionally-grown items because it is free of added colorants, preservatives, and flavors. For instance, less than 40 synthetic substances can be used during the packaging of organic foods, and they are independently reviewed by experts.
    On the contrary, thousands of chemicals can be used in the packaging of conventionally produced foods. Synthetic additives are associated with a range of health conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, ADHD, and more.

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it, a crisp summary of the three reasons why organic food is better than its conventional counterparts. At Arista Organics, we offer high-quality organic foods at prices that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

We are an organic food store that believes that healthy, clean, and fresh food should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, we are on a mission to transform the dietary habits of Indians by making sustainable and healthy options a mainstream phenomenon.