How to Take Better Care of Your Skin and Hair in this Humid Climate

How to Take Better Care of Your Skin and Hair in this Humid Climate

As the mercury rises and humidity abounds, your skin and hair needs care. Nobody likes the sticky and stifling during peak summers. Along with the discomfort, the heat and humidity adds a new slew of challenges to everyone’s beauty routine.

From breakouts to redness to even dehydrated skin, the list of problems is long. But, there are, of course, solutions. If you want to provide extra love and pampering to your skin this summer, then our blog has got you covered!

Summer Skin and Hair Care Made Easy

  • Eat Right
  • There is a lot of truth to the statement - ‘you are what you eat!’ So, healthy skin and hair during the scorching heat and torrid humidity begin with consuming natural care products that nourish your body from the core. 

    Eating a balanced diet with organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and good-quality olive oil or ghee can do wonders in keeping your skin and hair looking sleek, glowing and youthful all throughout the year. For instance, ghee is rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants and consuming organic ghee may neutralize free radicals and hydrate the skin from within.

  • Do Not Skip on SPF
  • Well, we know - some sunscreens, especially the mineral ones, can feel heavy and tacky on the skin. This is only multiplied by the humidity. However, it is extremely crucial and rather, indispensable, to wear a good-quality sunscreen with a high SPF rating. Nowadays, a lot of people are aware of the harms that the sun’s UVA and UVB rays can cause to the skin. 

    From accelerating the aging process to causing hyperpigmentation, exposure to the sun’s rays is detrimental in many ways. So, the key is to religiously wear sunscreen. In the Indian market, you can find good-quality sunscreens made of natural care products, which are light, non-sticky, and do not leave a white-cast. Moreover, make sure to re-apply your sunscreen every two to three hours.

  • Add Cooling Foods To Your Right
  • Thirdly, summer skin and hair care is incomplete without relishing on hydrating and cooling products. You have to remember that feeling airy and cool does not depend on external factors and products only. Hydration, nourishment, and cooling comes from within. So, you can try incorporating natural care products with cooling properties like raw mango, fennel seeds, coriander seed water, yogurt, coconut water, and more.

  • Opt for a Light Moisturizer
  • Just because it is peak summer does not mean your skin requires no moisturizer. Irrespective of the season, moisturizers must not be left out of your everyday skincare regimen. Consider light moisturizers with hyaluronic acids and ceramides as they repair your skin barrier, help in moisture retention, and keep the skin hydrated without feeling greasy or oily. 

    Some organic skin and hair care products you can try:

    The organic skin and hair care products listed below may be the best ones for you:

    • Organic coconut oil: This oil is good for hair and skin. It moisturizes, removes makeup, and restores hair.
    • Organic Aloe Vera Gel - This gel contains soothing aloe vera. It treats burns and eczema and any other skin-related problems. Hair and scalp are moisturized by it.
    • Organic Coconut Milk Soap - This soap is made from coconut milk, which moisturizes and cleans. It's gentle enough to apply daily and can improve skin's appearance.
    • Organic Jojoba Oil - This oil resembles the sebum that is produced by our skin naturally. It may be used to the face and hair to hydrate without blocking pores. Additionally, this can be an excellent option for removing makeup and cleaning the skin.    
    • Himalayan Origins Bhimal and Black Onion Seed Hair Oil is a natural hair oil that is marketed as being able to improve hair health, increase hair growth, and lessen dandruff. Bhimal, black onion seed oil, amla, and tulsi are among the herbs and oils used to make it.
    • Made with rose water, aloe vera, and other natural ingredients, Kappas - Soap-Free Rose Face Cleanser is a mild, soap-free face cleanser. It cleanses without stripping skin's natural oils.
    • Amayra Naturals Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 shields skin from the sun's damaging UV radiation. It contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which naturally deflect the sun's rays away from the skin.
    • Amayra Naturals Probiotic Face Mist Toner promotes skin health by balancing the microbiota of the skin. Aloe vera, probiotics, and other natural components are found in this product.
    • Ziya Vitamin C Serum 15% Hyaluronic Turmeric Hydrosol is a vitamin C serum that helps to brighten skin, minimize the look of wrinkles, and enhance skin health. Some of the vital components included in it are Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and turmeric hydrosol.

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