Healthy Snacking with Homemade Food

Healthy Snacking with Homemade Food

It is time to skip the unhealthy, deep-fried potato chips stashed away in the kitchen cabinet, and opt for healthy snacking instead. One of the healthiest resolutions you can take this year is not completely giving up snacking, but choosing the concept of healthy snacking. 

Whether you are craving something baked or fresh, sweet or salty, some easy homemade healthy food or snack options can get you a long way in staying fuller for long.  There are several options of healthy snacking with homemade food. 

Why is healthy snacking with homemade foods the new trend?

Snacking is the most convenient way to ensure good nutrition. People are looking for new healthy snack ideas because they are concerned about their health and nutritional needs. They want products that are good for their bodies and help them to lead healthy lifestyles. 

People snack throughout the day: while they’re watching TV, at work, on the road and so on. The drive-throughs and fast-food restaurants are always crowded. A visit to any supermarket or convenience store reveals a wide variety of snacks for everyone — from chocolate bars and salty chips to cheesecakes and fruit juices. Certain homemade foods are also in demand. This includes ragi laddus, sattu ladoos, etc. During the last few years, snacking with homemade food has gained popularity among adults and children alike.

Trending healthy snacks and homemade foods

If you are searching for some healthy snack ideas to introduce to your brand, the most trending ones are fruit bars, ragi laddus, and protein bars. Fruit bars are also a great healthier snack than regular candy bars that you get at the store. It is healthier because instead of hiding the natural ingredients with lots of sugar, these fruit bars are made from only natural ingredients.

Sattu ladoos are a great choice in homemade foods and have been famous since a long time ago and are still being sold all over the country. It is a kind of snack that is prepared from wheat flour, mashed gram, jaggery and coconut oil. The popular varieties of sattu ladoos are strawberry, mango and lime. 

Protein bars are gaining popularity among people with a balanced diet because of its high nutritional value, taste and great health benefits. 


Various online businesses are a great example of how the market for healthy snacking is growing. There is a great opportunity for companies that want to enter this market with homemade foods. For example, fast food restaurants may be interested in this segment as they can sell healthy sandwich snacks, or food items like ragi laduus, sattu ladoos, and beverages to their target audience.

In conclusion, we see that healthy snacking is still a new trend, as you will see also in the forecast, or just starting to grow. The forecasted number has huge growth compared to last year, but still needs more time because it will take years to be worth the expected numbers. 

At Arista, we promise high-quality, healthy snacks in a variety of options including ragi laddus, sattu ladoos, and several homemade foods that are worth not for your tastebuds, but health too.